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Go Live provides complete audio and video solutions for podcasts, broadcasters, and live streamers. Whether you are starting a new podcast or need help with your existing one we can help!
We can handle your broadcast, podcast, video conferencing needs and more - without the huge price tag.
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Our Studios

We feature a studio in Phoenix, Arizona near the airport that can accommodate a single person recording, up to 7 guests simultaneously. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software to combine the comfort of a professional sound studio, and operators who make you sound like a total pro. And with a 4-camera shoot, we can provide recording of your content, or stream it live to anywhere.

We provide complete recording services with your logo and branding in the studio. Create a professional look and sound for your brand, built by career broadcast professionals that understand what it takes for a professional broadcast. We also have a smaller, two-person set that allows for set design, and multiple camera angle options.

Why We Are Better

There are many providers available that either charge far too much for what should be a reasonable cost, as well as cheaper providers that put sound dampening materials on a wall with a cheap microphone and call it a studio. We felt that it was time to offer flexibility and  affordability with a high-quality aesthetic that you can be proud to bring your clients and guests.

We’ve featured national and global syndicated broadcasters, professional athletes, and the solo podcaster trying to start from scratch. We deliver the exact same standard for all, and believe that it’s time to deliver an affordable product for all. Contact us for an in-person or virtual tour of our facilities and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


Why Use Our Services?

Quality content

We've spent decades perfecting the art of sound. We make high quality content our goal everyday.

Questions and answers

Whether you need help getting started, or want to learn more about podcasting, we're here to help!
Call us at 602-456-9585!

World-class Service

We strive every day to provide a better quality product on behalf of our clients.


Over The Years

We founded Go Live Broadcast

After 15 years of providing services for radio, we began creating podcast networks for our radio clients. We created Money Radio Network, many clients of which are still active today.


Began providing national and global broadcasts on behalf of the biggest names in radio – among them, ESPN, Disney, and Westwood One, to name a few. Since then we’ve worked everything from small remote events to the biggest national sports affiliations.

Opened Our Scottsdale Studio

We expanded our broadcasts from one of our Scottsdale, Arizona radio facilities for audio and video podcasts.

Name Change and Opened Our 2nd Studio

We still operate as OnWeb Partners, but changed our official name to Go Live Broadcast, which better represents our services. We opened our primary broadcast/podcast facility on Broadway Road to offer more services.